Orthophoto creation (conventional or digital) refers to the Differential Rectification of aerial images based on a terrain model. Ideally, a digital orthophoto is produced in a fully digital environment. At IMT, the images are scanned and all photogrammetric, cartographic, and reproduction sub-processes are handled in the digital domain within a single software environment.

Digital orthophoto, when integrated into IMT's aerial triangulation, digital mapping processes, or as a stand-alone project using client-supplied data, is a nominal cost by-product.

IMT has simplified and automated the production of digital orthophotos as far as current technology allows.  And while the promise of a no-cost push button solution is there, the reality is a seamless high quality, highly accurate orthophoto still requires the manual adjustment and inspection of seam lines.  IMT’s experience and quality assurance process adds value to the limitations in automation, which can never replace the human eye or mind in the QA process.

Digital files on DVD, CD-ROM, USB2 hard drives as well as FTP are some of the media IMT employs for the delivery of data to our clients.








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